AI Articles

I still need to collect the articles from my phone.  Feel free to suggest more. 

  1. Aaronson, Scott. (2022). AI Safety Lecture for UT Effective Altruism. 
  2. Carbone, Christopher. (2022). Student uses ChatGPT to write essay for philosophy class in South Carolina - professor warns of a 'FLOOD' of chatbot cheating as AI improves. 
  3. CNN. (2022). Artificial Intelligence can write as well as humans. See how it works. 
  4. Edwards, Benj. (2022).  “Please slow down”—The 7 biggest AI stories of 2022.
  5. Fu, Yao, Hao Peng, and Tushar Shot. (2023). How does GPT Obtain its Ability? Tracing Emergent Abilities of Language Models to their Sources. 
  6. Funk, Carey, and Lee Rainie.  5 key themes in Americans’ views about AI and human enhancement. Pew Research. 
  7. Hatfield, Haley, Sun Joo Ahn, Matthew Klein, and Kristine L. Nowak. (2022). Confronting whiteness through virtual humans: a review of 20 years of research in prejudice and racial bias using virtual environments.
  8. Heikkilla, Melissa. (2022). How to Spot AI-Generated Text. 
  9. Hill Duin, Anne and Isabel Pedersen. (2021).  Writing Futures: Collaborative, Algorithmic, Autonomous. 
  10. Newman, Jared. (2022). ChatGPT? Stable Diffusion? Generative AI jargon, explained. 
  11. Malhotra, Tanya. (2022). Google AI Introduces Confident Adaptive Language Modeling (CALM) For 3x Faster Text Generation With Language Models (LMs). 
  12. Marcus, Gary.  (2022). The Dark Risk of Large Language Models.
  13. Mills, Anna. (2022). AI Text Generators and Teaching Writing: Starting Points For Inquiry. (2022).