The Writing Wizards

 Writing Wizards, Warlocks, and Wanderers

In the humble abode of The Writing Wizards,
questions of writing you may ask.
While you can merely query the wizards 
with plain text,
don't be afraid to address them
in audio, video, or telepathy.

They will not answer every query,
as their desires do not remain the same.
Be careful to write a question that
ignites the imagination and
addresses a real problem,
which might draw their eye, their inspiration,
and their wizardly whimsy.

Post you questions in the comments,
and don't be shy.

  1. Episode One: Thesis Statement Basics
  2. Episode Two: Quotation Pizzas, a response to a request


  1. Is there a best practice for weaving quotes into sentences and on a larger scale into your essay?


  2. Would it be beneficial to have students read about writing before they start to write or have them write first and edit their work after each piece about writing since writing is a collaborative process?


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